Th. Zürrer AG stands for demand-driven drive technology.

Company holidays 2021

Start: July 26th, 2021 (CW30)
End: August 13th, 2021 (CW32)

The acceptance of goods and the dispatch are only possible until July 22nd, 2021. After the company holidays again from August 16th, 2021.


Our particular strength is special gearboxes, adapted to the needs of your application. We focus on solutions taking into account your overall concept. Thanks to efficient business processes, very short delivery times can be achieved. This way we can add value that lasts and supports your investments.

Additional products such as helical, bevel and planetary gearboxes, as well as AC, DC and servomotors are manufactured or selected according to our quality criteria at selected partners or are purchased there to strengthen our production and sales program for you. A special feature are high-precision, low-backlash transmissions. Th. Zürrer AG offers a wide and varied range of standard products with short delivery times.

We produce and combine to your advantage.